One Pass To Mike Anderson 

One Pass To Mike Anderson

Gosh I think that ONE pass to MA worked pretty good.
I wonder what might have happened if they threw him a SECOND pass?
or maybe DAYNE, the best receiver of the 3?
I feel the defense was the reason we lost yesterdays game, could not stop the run, FAILED to put ANY pressure on the QB !
Jakes dark side performance did not help, that INT in the end-zone was the gunslinger Jake that many of us have come to fear.
BUT.... Our offense did score 27 points, even with a less than 100% place-kicker, it should have been enough to win most games.
Worst performance by our "D:" since Miami!
we threw the ball to a lot of different receivers ,Sunday.
A second PASS to MA may have made a difference, we will never know.

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