The Tailgate Party 

The Tailgate Party

Ok so despite it being like, "an integral part of American sports culture" and whatnot, I still don't get the Tailgate party. Outside of mile high stadium, before the Denver Broncos game, as I was walking from my car (I had to park about 3 miles away to avoid paying $40.00 for a parking spot), I passed countless parking lots filled with people outside their cars, but in the parking lot having a "tailgate party". So apparently, the thing to do before the game is to bring a little grill, some "lite" beer, a bunch of lawn chairs, and some Master P and go chill out in the parking lot hours before the game starts, drinking beer to get good and sauced up so you can then go sit through the football game in the red seats. Amazing. And the thing is, people come out here before every game.... sometimes up to 6 hours before the game, just to sit in the parking lot! Amazing indeed.
So the point of this is, I don't quite get the tailgate party. Maybe it's because itís new to me, being raised in Canada, but in any case, barbecuing in a parking lot before a football game sounds like the ultimate American mainstream cultural stereotype. That and eating chilidogs at baseball games.
If you have a different opinion on the Tailgate, or would like to clue me in, please COMMENT about it!

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Thu Jan 5, 2006 7:19 am MST by Anonymous

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